2018 SPIUK Kit

Spiuk has been a part of the OMX journey for 8 years, and in 2018 we have added an extra dimension to our partnership: we are delighted to say that Spiuk is our new kit supplier. 

We are really excited about this next step in our relationship with Spiuk. We absolutely love their helmets and shoes; they have given only compliments, not complaints. Now we will literally be top to toe in Spiuk gear!

With out trust firmly established in the company, we handed them the task of designing and manufacturing our new kit. It had to be something that would fit with our Silverback bikes, our history and our brand. What they have created goes above and beyond our already high expectations.

Aitor, Marketing Manager at Spiuk, explains the design elements of the kit:

The X used by OMX from the last seasons. It’s a familiar element of the team's brand.

“The X used by OMX from the last seasons. It’s a familiar element of the team’s brand.”


“A total OMX tribute. You can see (down) Essex´s shield, (up) one of OMX´s 1st logos, (from left to right) the creation year and the biking and mountain symbols.”


“These are the Pantones used. Pantone 1788 is Silverback’s one. The others are related to PASSION, EARTH and LONGEVITY. All of them express what OMX is: an enjoyable and contemporary team.”

And here is the finished product:


The thought that has gone into the design makes us exceptionally proud of this kit. It is a modern look, reflecting the unique history of this team. It is something really unique.

The technical features also make this a stand-out kit. Spiuk’s ‘Max’ range, the highest level of their custom kit, provides a perfect balance of fit, feel and function. It is paramount that our riders can train and race in kit that suits their professional demands. It is also important for them to feel good; putting on a kit that you love and makes you feel proud is the perfect way to start your day.

We can’t wait to bring Spiuk Custom Kit to the start line of the World’s biggest races this year!

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