Gluth and Gagné Team Up for Cape Epic

We are very pleased to present our Silverback OMX Pro Team pairing of Martin Gluth and Raphaël Gagné for the 2018 Cape Epic.


Martin has twice experienced the heady thrills and crushing spills of this infamous eight-day stage race, and this experience will be invaluable in steering the pair through 658km of intensely physical and mental racing.

For Raph, it is an exciting step into the unknown; the ‘Untamed’.

 “There are some nerves since this is new, but I am really excited for the experience. I heard a lot about the Epic in the last 10 years through racers, friends, magazines, YouTube and everything, so to finally make it is amazing. I look forward to the race itself, and everything it should throw at us: landscape, safari on the bike, harsh racing conditions. Making new friends on and off the bike as well as seeing new places and getting to ride and race new trails.” 

Martin and Raph are new as team mates, so the crucial relationship of Cape Epic partners will be a testing one. However, after just one week together training in South Africa this February, the boys seem to be getting on like a house on fire! There will be many unknowns, but we are certain there will be an incredible work ethic and also some laughs along the way.

Martin explains his feelings towards the 2018 edition:

As the Cape Epic approaches, excitement is an understatement! Training gets more serious and I focus more on the recovery between the training sessions. There are lots of fun trails during the stages and we will suffer hard to keep the lead-group as long as possible!”

It can be difficult to make goals for a race with so many uncertainties, but Martin and Raph each aim to push the boundaries of their bodies and our expectations. They are in good condition and full of enthusiasm for the race, so the results will follow. Raph says,

“We will have to see how we feel and discuss the goals each day with Martin. We want to get the most out of ourselves by racing hard and smart throughout the Epic. I am confident we will get the most out of this partnership and get the most out of each other. It’s great that Martin has raced it twice so far, he has the experience I don’t have.”

As a team, we are buzzing to see Raph and Martin line up to start their Cape Epic on 18th March! This race is something special, and we can’t wait to get stuck in. Martin sums it up perfectly:

“I am looking forward to building a great partnership with Raph and writing a story that is worth talking about the whole season!”


Team Number 2 will be revealed soon. Watch this space!




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