MTB Boom!

2015 has been a fantastic year for OMX, and also for mountain biking as a whole.


Take a look at these impressive statistics from the UCI in association with Red Bull Media House:

  •  “In 2015, 19 live programmes were broadcast online (6 Cross-country Men + 6 Cross-country Women + 7 Downhill) on Red Bull TV and on selected partner platforms worldwide
  • In addition, there were thirteen 26-minute highlights programmes reaching 930,000 views
  • In 2015, there was an increase of 45% in viewership compared to 2014: 2.9 million views for live broadcast and replays in 2015 compared to 2 million views in 2014.
  • Big progression for replays in 2015 with over 725,000 viewers for the XCO races.”


The team have had some great ‘airtime’ both in the live coverage and the hightlights programmes and short reels. This offers the OMX team and our sponsors great exposure, with our riders and equipment seen not only by those at the race venue, but by a much bigger and broader audience across the World.

Here are just two of many great examples of our riders in action:


The growth in mountain biking as a whole is reflected in our own increase in fans and followers across social media and around the World. Just by virtue of the fact you are reading this, you are an integral part of this progress for us and our sport. Thank you!

Together, #weareOMX.


2015 in Photos

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