Julian Schelb out of Cape Epic

We are sad to say that Julian Schelb can not continue the Cape Epic, and that Martin Gluth will ride on as an ‘Outcast’ rider.

During today’s (Sunday 19th March) Prologue at the Cape Epic in South Africa,  Julian’s core body temperature got dangerously high and he passed out whilst racing. Although the crash was not serious, his temperature (at forty degrees plus) was.

Julian was seen by medics and taken from the track to the on-site medical centre in the race arena. From here he was transferred to hospital. Medical staff worked to bring his core temperature under control. We are very happy to say that Julian is recovering well. His temperature has stabilised, his test results are good, and he is back with a smile on his face.

The Cape Epic is a savage race, and today it was the temperature – which pushed forty degrees centigrade – that was the most difficult obstacle to overcome. After months of preparation, Martin and Julian were eager to get stuck into the race and kick start their campaign with a strong Prologue ride. With the determination to get a top result today, the team were pushing hard and on this occasion Julian’s body took a heavy toll.

Julian is currently still in hospital so that he can be monitored and every step can be taken to ensure his full and quick recovery. We are very thankful to MediClinic South Africa for their brilliant response to the situation. We will keep you up to date with Julian’s condition as the week goes on.

Meanwhile, Martin will now ride the race as an ‘Outcast’. He can not gain results, but he will ride hard for both himself and his good friend and partner.

Thumbs up from Julian - the best thumbs up we've ever seen!

Thumbs up from Julian – the best thumbs up we’ve ever seen!


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