Our young, Scottish super star is here to stay another year!

Isla had a traumatic 2015 with far too many broken bones and an untimely bout of illness. She bounced back in considerable style to have a terrific 2016 with the Elite British XC Series Title and top 20 World Cup results to her name. In 2017 she is set to steer a fine course on her upward trajectory towards the top!

It’s often easy to forget that Isla is just 20 years old. She’s had her fare share of low points, but she always emerges fighting harder. You can’t keep this girl down! Isla grew up a lot in 2016, both on and off the race course, and her sense of happiness and confidence showed in her performances which really highlighted her as one to watch in the coming years. Isla has a real spirit to go alongside her immense talent, and it makes her an exciting athlete to work with.

We can’t wait to see what this pocket rocket can do in 2017!


And now for…THE INTERVIEW!


-What was your 2016 season highlight?

Sprinting up the finish straight at Lenzerheide World Cup to take a career best of 11th place. The crowd slapping the barriers and shouting encouragement was such an incredible feeling! 


– What was your toughest professional moment/period in 2016?

My first race of the year, the first round of the British Series. I surprised myself by leading the race for two laps, but then I suffered a mechanical issue which lost me 8 minutes. It took me a while to get over that one as it was my first race back from injury and I had so wanted to get a good result.


– What was the funniest OMX moment of 2016?

Martin Gluth making an appearance in the Daily Mail for thinking he’d won the German Road Champs. Best thing ever.


– Who or what particularly inspired you last year?

Ensuring I had fun when I was training and racing inspired me to get through even when performance wasn’t going well. 


– What is your big 2017 goal?

My big aim this year is to qualify for the Commonwealth Games. I’ve got six chances in six months, which makes it slightly less intense than aiming for a single result. 


– What does it mean to you professionally and personally to be part of OMX in 2017?

In a professional respect, being part of OMX is mega. To be part of the friendliest, funnest team on the circuit makes racing, training and travelling such a delight. On a personal level, spending the most important events of the year with a bunch of people I’m so comfortable around and love to be in the company of is invaluable. It makes the intensity of racing a positive experience rather than a scary one.


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