Name: Mariske Strauss

Nickname: Biscuit

Home: Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa

D.O.B.: 16th May 1991

Best ever result: Super stoked with our 2nd overall at the 2017 ABSA CAPE EPIC. 2nd at the XCM World Cup in Malaysia and 8th in the U23 XCO World Champs 2013 (considering a crash at the start which put me in dead last 100m after the startline!)

Best ever race: I have to say the British XCO National at Sherwood in the snow was a LOT of fun, and also my CX collegiate National USA Champ win. I think I’ve just had too many fun memories on my bike to really give specifics!

Race/result you are most proud of: Mmm I’d have to mention my 2014 Commonwealth Games. I tore my abdominals 2 days prior to my event and not knowing (not that knowing would have changed my mind from racing…) I raced and think I might have made my injury worse, oopsi. That race really pushed me mentally physically and spiritually. This injury has taught me loads and I’m excited for the future. Note to self – keep body intact!

Strengths: LOVE climbing and MUD!!!! Haha I actually just love killing myself, pushing my body to its limits…it’s an out of body exhilaration I can’t really explain. I also love the mental side of this sport, its truly fascinating.

Some non-cycling accolades: Graduated end of 2016 at Stellenbosch University with BSc Sport Science degree ! Currently working at Science2Sport at SSISA , doing lab tests and coaching, keeping my mind busy ;). I love running, hiking, standing on my head, climbing trees and blowing bubbles! I love bubbles, I mean that’s the one word you can’t say angrily …try it! Also I love my music. There’s just so many things still to be done and so little time!

The ultimate goal: Ultimate goal would be to compete in the Olympics, also to become World Champ. I’m working hard… watch this space!


Food: This I don’t think I’ll be able to specify…in short YES I love food!

Book: Loving ‘Quantum Worrier: Future of the Mind’ by John Kehoe .

Possesion: Don’t really think you can call her a possession, but love her to bits – my doggy Tinkie! 😀

Type of trail: EVERYTHING!!

Riding conditions: Definitely muddy and rainy – soooo much fun! Actually just any extreme conditions.

Favourite place: Love home, and always had a soft spot for Africa in general. Its just such an amazing place to live and it has a bit of everything.

What does it mean to you to be a part of OMX Pro Bike Team?
It is such an honour to be a part of this team. Coming from halfway across the planet having an EU based team makes the world of difference. I am so thankful for all the help, opportunity and support I receive from SILVERBACK/ OMX. It is really exciting to see the team grow and just keep going from strength to strength…Time to take over the world!