Name: Frazer Clacherty 
Nickname: Fraz
Home: Danby, North yorkshire 
D.O.B: 10/08/1997
Best ever result:  6th Albstad U23 world cup 
Race/result you are most proud of: 4x National Champion
Strengths: Technical ability on the bike
Some non-cycling accolades: Help run the family bakery when I’m back home
The ultimate goal: Elite World Champion
Food: cake 
Book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Possession: My dog, Roxy
Type of trail: Flow trail
Riding conditions: dusty
Favourite place: Finale Ligure
What does it mean to you to be part of OMX Pro Team? 

It means a lot for me to be part of OMX Pro Team, it is my first professional contract and I am stoked that it is with a UK based team that I have looked up to since I started racing.