Name: Anna Buick
Nickname: Buick
Home: Norwich, England
D.O.B: 07/11/1990

Role at OMX

Media Manager
Experience: 2018 will be my fifth year with OMX. I’ve grown up in a cycling family, have raced (at very varying degrees of competitiveness) for 13 years, and have worked in cycling media for the past six years.

Proudest professional moment: I’m proud of our Cape Epic media. It’s a big task to plan and then successfully deliver on eight days of consecutive racing. When I can satisfactorily tick every box each day, I’m proud.

Best racing result: 3rd, U23 British XC Championship 2010 & National Student CX Champ 2012.

Favourite race: That I have raced: a regional CX event, 14/12/2014 – the first time I won a race after a major injury in 2013. Nothing big, but very special. That I have attended: I always love going back to Nove Mesto Na Morave, Czech Republic – it’s comforting in its familiarity but exhilarating in its atmosphere. Also, the Race Of Champions in the Township of Kayamani, SA – what an incredible, inspiring experience.

Food: Classic, rustic Italian.
Book: To Kill a Mocking Bird, by Harper Lee.
Possession: The ring my Mum bought me for my 21st birthday.
Type of trail: Fast and flowing with a few tricky little technical sections that make you swear and then make you grin!
Riding conditions: Hot and dry. If I’m tanning, I’m almost certainly happy!
Favourite place: New Zealand.

What does it mean to you to be a part of OMX Pro Bike Team?
It means the chance to be a part of a fantastic journey, alongside some great friends. It is the opportunity to be part of a professional, ambitious and growing team and help to make their story a success. It means a great deal of excitement and pride, and the realisation of my dream job.