Name:  Daniel Smith

Nickname: Crikey, I have a few! I don’t think I need one because I have such an exciting name, nothing so dull as Sven Nys or Jose Joaquin Rojas!!

Mine are either GQ, Danilo, ObiWan…… Don’t ask! There have also been the more traditional Smudger, Desperate, etc etc.

D.O.B:  11/01/65

Role at OMX


Experience: 4 years assisting with the background support to Team and management. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Proudest professional moment:  Managing to erect the team gazebo to Paul’s exacting OCD standards!

Best result:  Driving a van with a broken clutch from Andorra back to Team HQ in the UK!

Favourite race: Nove Mesto, the atmosphere is electric.


Food: Whatever anyone else has prepared.

Book: Cycling biographies mainly but “In Search of Robert Millar’ is my favourite, he motivated me as a young cyclist.

Possesion: My garmin, I get to record all the places I visit by bike.

Type of trail:  Whats a TRAIL? I’m a Roadie! Don’t you mean Route? A smooth bit of tarmac that just keeps on climbing!!

Riding conditions: Hot and Sunny, the hotter the better.

Favourite place: Tuscany, all of it.

What does it mean to you to be a part of OMX Pro Bike Team?

It means a lot to put something back into a sport and a lifestyle that I get so much joy from. To be part of OMX and support the riders in their quest to become the best is exhilarating!