Name: Paul Beales
Nickname: Bambi
Home: Essex, England
D.O.B: 21/06/83

Role at OMX:
Co founder of Orange Monkey Pro Team & Owner/Manager at OMX Pro Bike Team.
Experience: I have been racing push bikes at all levels since the age of 14 and managing since the age of 20 when myself and Will first started Orange Monkey Pro Team.  In that time I’ve gained experience in many fields including marketing, business, coaching and sales to name a few.  Their is no better lesson than being out in the field (literally at times), learning from mistakes and having some amazing people within the sport who have guided me in management.
Proudest professional moment: I have had a few, signing our first ‘non friend’ rider, signing our first international rider, our first ever World Cup in Houffalize, Belgium (an iconic MTB venue), creating a family team environment in 2015/16, seeing Isla Short finish the same World Cup course she broke her back on just a year earlier, signing our first ‘proper’ bike deal, but without doubt my two proudest moments were when Martin Gujan & Fabian Giger won the Prologue stage of the 2015 Cape Epic (it was and still is the biggest result in our 13 year history), and when Shlomi Haimy took to the start line of the Olympic Games in Rio – I cried both times… a lot.
Bike bits
Best result: 18th National Championships 2011
Favourite race: Nothing beats the atmosphere in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic
Food: All good food
Book: I prefer to read the news
Possession: My grandfathers lucky rabbit foot from WW2
Type of trail: Fast flowing smooth Singletrack or tight twisty and steep
Riding conditions: Slippery ones
Favourite place: The start line

What does it mean to you to be a part of OMX Pro Bike Team?
Watching videos on VHS growing up of my heroes racing at World Cups I could never have imagined I would even meet them let alone become friends with them and now I find myself on the biggest stage in the sport that I love.  I am just honoured and privileged that I get to help put the UK on the World map and hopefully inspire others to work hard and fulfil their dreams.