Shlomi’s #Road2Rio

Friday’s Rio 2016 Olympic Opening Ceremony got us pretty emotional! 

Twelve years ago the team was a small group of local lads for whom the Olympics was a far off and, quite frankly, a rather unrealistic dream. Over the years that far off dream has got closer, and this year, finally, it will come true! OMX Pro Team will be part of the Olympic Games. 

The mountain bike race is now two weeks away, and today’s World Cup in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada, is Shlomi’s last race before he takes to the start line for the biggest race of his life. 


Here’s a quick look at Shlomi’s latest build up to Rio where he has been training in Canada:

-How long have you been in Canada?

Two and a half weeks 

– Why did you decide to go to Canada for the final phase of your training?

Well, the primary reason is because of the fifth round of the UCI World Cup held in MSA, Canada. Additionally, the timing zone is very close to that in Brazil (1h different).

– Has everything gone to plan or have you had any set backs?

Yes, in generall all went like planned. The only issue I had is two days without training because a health problem. Probably my body has needed this rest. 

– What are your aims for MSA World Cup? How important is the race in your Rio preparations?

Rio is my main focus and the training aim is to build a good form toward this. Of course, this is why I am not sure how will be my performance in MSA World Cup. I am feeling good and can say that in the last two months my shape has been nicely progressing. As always, I will do my best in MSA World Cup! 

– Have your emotions changed much over the last few weeks as the Olympics have got closer? Do you feel more nervous, more excited, is the pressure getting bigger?

To be honest, the Olympics is bigger than anything I did so far. From a young age I have been dreaming about the Olympics and after all those years it became reality. I am enjoying my #road2rio and I am focusing on my daily tasks. At the end of the day I am going to do what I know the best; riding my bike as fast as possible. 

– What are your plans between MSA and Rio? 

Right after the World Cup we will continue to Brazil to get used to the climate, environment, living conditions and experience some Olympic vibes. The track will be open for practice only four days before the race, then I will make sure that I get to know every part of it.

You can watch Shlomi at the Mont Sainte Anne World Cup live on Redbull TV at 1920 BST today.

Good luck Shlomi!



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