Spiuk – #PassionMeetsTechnology

Where passion meets technology, you get Spiuk.

And where Spiuk meet OMX you get a strong and fruitful partnership.

This season the team ride with Spiuk Dharma helmets and 18MC shoes, two products which continue to provide comfort, safety, performance and style.

Beyond these innovative and technologically advanced products, Spiuk offers encouragement, positivity, enthusiasm and energy.

Aitor Murgoitio – Marketing Manager at SPIUK Sportline
“We are happy to renew our relations with OMX team in 2018. They represent a fresh touch in the World Cup, and considering the new riders and the classic ones, we expect great results. Because of our philosophy we look for enthusiastic riders – people who enjoy every part of their job – and we are sure that the OMXers do. SPIUK brand is not just related to technology, passion is an important part of our behavior and philosophy so I think that OMX is the perfect team to transmit this idea.

Working with a company who are so dedicated to producing the ultimate product and sharing our passion for development is an absolute pleasure. We are delighted to continue working together in 2018.

Together, we are OMX.

Check out this short and sweet ‘in-house’ production featuring the Spiuk 16MC shoes and Dharma helmet, starring Cherie Vale!