Le Col

Le Col symbolises high quality and high performance cycling clothing which beautifully combines form and function. We are delighted to partner with this unique and innovative brand who hold at their core a drive for technical excellence together with a sense of inclusivity and team spirit. 

Le Col is a British brand, run with elite performance and professional insight at the heart of every process and product. Already established as a top-end brand for road cyclists, OMX join Le Col as a professional partner to develop a mountain bike clothing line. The chance to help with design and development at such a passionate and dedicated brand is really exciting, and to be a part of the production of such stylish and comfortable kit will be a real honour.

Le Col’s “Made in Italy” label signifies quality, authenticity and dedication. It is exactly what OMX is about.

We very much look forward to bringing Le Col to the start line of some of the World’s biggest mountain bike races.

Together, we are OMX.