Air Shot Ltd – #Airshot

Air shot Ltd are a great British company!
For our mechanics, inflating tubeless tyres is not always the simple task it should be. When the team are on the road, in the pits at a race or out training, a compressor is not an option, and neither is the unreliability of furiously jack hammering a track pump! This is where the Airshot is perfect: small, safe and certain.
It’s a pleasure to be partnering with such a dedicated and compassionate brand.

Together, #weareOMX

“Air Shot Ltd. has been established to design, develop, and provide new, well-engineered and competitively priced products to riders. After months of testing both in workshops and out on the trails, we are now ready to release our self-titled first product, “Airshot”. Airshot is a device designed to make the inflation of tubeless tyres as easy as possible; ensuring wherever you are, you can always pop a tyre on.”

Air Shot Ltd.