Name: Isla Short
Nickname: Firegirl
Home: Peebles, Scotland
D.O.B: 18/09/1996


Best ever result: My best result on paper is a 3rd place at a Junior World Series in 2014, but the result I am most proud of is my 11th place at Lenzerheide World Cup in 2016.

Best ever race: Probably Lenzerheide World Cup 2016. After consistently achieving top 10s internationally as a junior in 2014 and then struggling to race well for a year or so, it was the first glimpse I got of the top level of racing again. I finished 11th after a conservative performance, and seeing that I was 50 seconds of 7th place got me pretty excited.

Race/result you are most proud of: I’m really proud of how I raced The Maja Włoszczowska Trophy in September 2016. The week before I’d had a really disapointing race at Andorra World Cup, so my expectations were low. I was last off the start due to a rider crashing, and worked my way to 8th place in a high class field, beating some big names.

Strengths: The more hills the better! And the same goes with rain. I live in Scotland, so the muddier the course the faster I’ll go!

Some non-cycling accolades: I have a mild obsession with food labels (I’m also one of those people who likes to instagram food) and in September this year I will hopefully begin my extremely lengthy degree in Dietetics/Nutrition. I play the clarsach (Scottish harp) and the piano and once upon a time wanted to be a professional musician. I’m very frightened of octopi, and regret informing certain members of the team of this.

The ultimate goal: My ultimate goal is to be satisfied with my journey in cycling. When I stop wanting more I’ll be happy!


Food: Since becoming vegetarian food fascinates me. I love exploring with weird ingredients but my all time favourite is homemade coconut, sweet potato and chickpea curry.

Book: I arrived at the Harry Potter party pretty late, only reading the books in 2016. I’ve never been so involved in three people who don’t exist!

Possession: The ring Mariske gave me last year; anything that reminds me of my sister who lives on the other side of the world; my foam roller.

Type of trail: Steep up and down, and the more obstacles the better. Ironically I don’t like trail centre type stuff. (I live at the heart of trail centre riding in Scotland).

Riding conditions: I’m not too fussed. It’s normally pretty moist up in Scotland, so that’s what I’m used to. Some dust would be nice from time to time though!

Favourite place: Southern Germany, particularly the Bodensee. It’s so green and clean and quiet! Potential future home/retreat.

What does it mean to you to be a part of OMX Pro Bike Team? In a professional respect, being part of OMX is mega. To be part of the friendliest, funnest team on the circuit makes racing, training and travelling such a delight. On a personal level, spending the most important events of the year with a bunch of people I’m so comfortable around and love to be in the company of is invaluable. It makes the intensity of racing a positive experience rather than a scary one.