With the new year comes a new name…

After three years of support from Silverback Bikes, in 2018 they become the title sponsor of OMX and together we form Silverback OMX Pro Team.


It is exciting to have this level of partnership with a brilliant bike brand, and we look forward to further developing the relationship we have. Silverback provide us with award-winning bicycles and we provide them with a World-wide, elite sporting platform to display them upon. Furthermore, we can share a journey of passion, growth and accomplishment.

Whilst the name changes, the management and the goals stay the same. OMX has a unique history of growing over ten years from a few local guys to a World-class race team, and that heritage is something we are hugely proud of and hold close to the heart of our team.

The dream is still very much alive: together, let’s chase World Number 1 by the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games!

Stay tuned to see our new riders, announced soon.

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