THE INTERVIEW! Mariske Strauss

The longest standing rider on OMX continues the journey together with us for another year.

It’s always a pleasure to have Mariske Strauss in the house!

Mariske brings dazzling enthusiasm and light-hearted fun wherever she goes. She’s always smiling and chatting and she often lives in her own little World, but beneath that exterior lies a fierce determination to succeed and an incredible ability to push her physical limits.

Mariske is the leading lady of African cross-country racing and she will look to continue that domination in 2017 whilst also striving to step it up again in Europe where we have seen sparks of excellence.

And now for…THE INTERVIEW!

– What was your 2016 season highlight?

I would have to say GRADUATING! Sport Science industry make way I’m coming in hot. :)  

– What was your toughest professional moment/period in 2016?
I’d probably have to say not being selected for either worlds or the Olympics due to silly politics. 
– What was the funniest OMX moment of 2016?
Mmmm how could I choose, probably Annie and myselfs “Cyprian Interviews” maybe I should rather stick to riding my bike and leave the interviewing to the professionals 😉 
– Who or what particularly inspired you last year?
Actually my amazing Cadence recovery drinks. The harder the sessions the yummier they seem to get!
– What is your big 2017 goal?
Well other than being down right awesome, I really want to make my mark on the World Cup series
– What does it mean to you professionally and personally to be part of OMX in 2017?
Support friendship and family. Thanks for the amazing past 4 years we had and cheers to making some great new memories. 

Want to find out more about Mariske? Click here to read her Rider Profile.

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