Silverback and Knight go Cyclocross!

Whilst we are in the depths of winter and the cross-country season still feels so far off, we are certainly not in hibernation! 

The crazy cool discipline of cyclocross is currently front page news in the World of cycling and we are delighted to bring you an exciting story…

Silverback have released to the team a brand new, first edition cyclocross-specific bike which will roll on Knight Composite’s newly developed cyclocross wheels. It’s a match made in muddy heaven!

Silverback prides itself on World-leading innovation and devilishly detailed design and development. The new cyclocross frame is the result of these characteristics and we are incredibly honoured and excited to be the first to race it.


The engineering team at Knight also invested a great deal of time and care in the research and development of their first cyclocross wheels. They determined the stresses that are placed on a cross wheel on how and where they are different to those that their road wheels were facing. Once the stresses were established, it required the team to redefine the carbon layup process to ensure the right material was put in the right place. These are no crossover, hybrid wheels. They are 100% cyclocross-specific: the end result is a wheel that is stiff, lightweight and durable enough to handle the toughest cross courses you can find.

Whilst cross-country mountain bike remains our primary focus, cyclocross racing through the winter has proved an invaluable addition to the training programs of a number of our riders.

Our British duo, Annie Last and Isla Short, will have the privilege of being first to ride the new set up. Annie has several National Cyclocross Championships medals to her name, while Isla is the current Scottish Champion and Series winner. Both riders are really looking forward to putting the bike through its paces and hopefully delivering some more medals for Silverback and Knight.

Bring on the mud!

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