Goodbye Guschi: Martin Gujan Leaves OMX in 2016

Today, sadly, we announce that Martin Gujan will be leaving the team in 2016.

Martin start smile

When Guschi signed with us (Orange Monkey, at the time) in 2013 it was a huge coup for the team. Martin was a calibre of rider that we had never before had the pleasure of working alongside, and the experience he brought to the team has been, as we hoped, invaluable.

Guschi quickly established himself within our set-up and has since played a central role in helping us to grow. He has also been at the centre of a great team spirit, a role model and mentor for our younger riders, and both the perpetrator, and the butt, of many jokes!


As well as a figure head behind the scenes, Guschi has showed his class on the race course. The biggest highlight of the last two years is surely his incredible Cape Epic Prologue win with Fabian Giger earlier this year. That day, the first race for the newly rebranded OMX Pro Team, was a huge step forward for the team, and we will never forget the pivotal role that Guschi played.

For 2016 Martin will take his experience and professionalism to a new team which will be based in his home country of Switzerland.

Guschi climb

We will miss his hatred of walking and love of olive oil, his minute attention to detail, his straight talking and the boiled egg game.  But more than that, we wish him the biggest thanks, the fondest farewell and the very best for the future. #GoodbyeGuschi


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