Hadleigh Park: An Olympic Home for our Olympic Dream

We are delighted, and very honoured, to announce that Hadleigh Park is now the official home of Novus OMX Pro Team.

collage image_20150420134113Hadleigh Park was the venue for the outstanding 2012 Olympic Mountain Bike Races. The course, man-made especially for the world’s biggest cross-country MTB event, will now become accessible to the public and is set to establish itself as a World-class training facility for top domestic and international mountain bikers when it opens on 29th April.


Among those elite athletes will be the Novus OMX Pro Team riders. Hadleigh Park will be a place for our riders to train together, with coaches and individually on one of the world’s most technically challenging courses. The rock gardens and features – unchanged since the London Olympics, despite much talk to the contrary – will provide skills practice, whilst the steep climbs offer a chance for some serious climbing and interval training. The high-intensity and technical training the riders will do at Hadleigh Park will noticeably transfer into their World Cup racing; to have an Olympic standard course to train on is an invaluable asset to our team.


Hadleigh Park also offers our team inspiration. The whole ethos and ambition of Novus OMX Pro Team revolves around the Olympic dream. A decade ago, the team started as a group of local Essex lads who – though they had no idea at the time – were riding just thirty miles away from a future Olympic XCO track, and who were at the start of a journey that would lead them to 2015 and into Olympic qualification. Now the stall has been set out: Novus OMX Pro Team is looking to qualify riders for Rio 2016 and aiming to be the number one team in the World by the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. A British team with an Olympic dream and an Olympic home. It is fitting in so many ways.


Overlooking the bright lights of London, Hadleigh Park is a unique track with a special feel.

Overlooking the bright lights of London, Hadleigh Park is a unique track with a special feel.


Our youngest team member, Isla Short, is the current British National Junior Champion and future Olympic hopeful. With her heart already set on Tokyo 2020 she says,

“Being able to spend time with my team on the 2012 Olympic course is an incredible opportunity, not only because it was part of our home Olympics but because it is a World-class course. It provides good insight into the types of tracks used at the highest level of racing, and gives us an idea of the skills we need to be able to compete at this level.”


To be associated with Hadleigh Park and the London 2012 Olympic course is a real honour and privilege. Essex County Council has been hugely supportive and we are very much looking forward to forging a strong partnership with them and helping to promote Hadleigh Park as an internationally attractive mountain bike facility.

Hadleigh J81_2681Leap of Faith

Chairman of Active Essex, Gary Sullivan OBE, says,

“As we are nearing the official opening of Hadleigh Park we are excited to announce that Novus OMX Pro Team have decided to make our world class venue its home. This is just another way that the Olympic Legacy lives on here in Essex with aspiring Olympians training at the venue.”

Following the huge success of the London 2012 Olympic races, it is fantastic to see that Hadleigh Park will soon open to the public, so that the inspiration and motivation the Olympics provided for Britain can live on and manifest itself in future champions. Maybe even an OMX champion!


To find out how you can ride in the tracks of your Olympic heroes, visit www.hadleigh-park.co.uk or like Hadleigh Park on Facebook and follow @hadleigh_park on twitter.

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