CAPE EPIC STAGE 4: Guschi and Giger sensible, Vale and Strauss 6th

Stage five was, “Not bad, but not great”.


On a hot and dusty day in Worcester, the boys set out once again to race near the front and maintain their overall position.

For Martin the early pace was just a little too high to be able to maintain and the pair had to drop back to avoid blowing up later in the stage and losing a big chunk of time. Settling into their own pace and rhythm, Martin and Fabian rode well together to limit time losses to their nearest general classification rivals. In terms of stage result it was the boys’ lowest yet, but they maintained their fifth place overall without destroying themselves, and with that the chances of another stage podium.

Martin and Fabian with fans

After a very physically and mentally tough stage three for the Novus OMX girls, stage four held much better fortunes. Not only did Cherie’s legs spring back to life, her confidence and positivity returned as well. Mariske was feeling the effects of a day battling into the wind but her underlying strength and experience shone through and she was still smiling at the finish. Cherie, too, could more than muster a smile this time.

Finding a good group to ride with and a high but manageable speed gave the girls their best stage result to date: a superb sixth place which also moves them up to sixth in the general classification.

A great display of teamwork is carrying Mariske and Cherie onto some fantastic results and garnering them a great deal of respect from their fellow riders.

#herecomethegirls #weareOMX

Cherie finsish




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